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Control and Consent: Feminism and BDSM



Many thanks to “Ms Andry” for this week’s guest blog! As you may have guessed from the title, this blog contains adult content. 

I’m tied so tight that my movements are completely restricted. The more I move, the tighter the ropes gets. I am gagged and blindfolded; my senses are completely focused on sound, smell and touch. I’m red from spanking I’ve been punished (for occasional mistakes, back chatting, and to heighten the pleasure of what is to come). I’ve also been instructed that I’m not allowed to orgasm yet, but the pleasure is intense. I’m completely exhausted. But the feelings I am currently experiencing are exquisite and the orgasm I’m about to have will inevitably be glorious.

Submission has been discussed much more widely in the last few years since being popularised in erotic novels. These novels have precipitated a new wave of traditionally “vanilla” couples taking spanking and restraints into the bedroom to “spice up their love life”. But submission is prone to a bad reputation – how can letting yourself be completely dominated, allowing another person to tell you what to do, and allowing physical punishment be a feminist act? The question that frequently gets raised is, “How can being submissive align with feminist ideals?”

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GUEST BLOG: Dear Katie Hopkins…



Hi there Katie, how you doing? Finding ways to spin another story into fiction? I wouldn’t be surprised given your recent article.

According to you, there is ‘another side that is not being told,’ to the stories about the Muslim family denied entry to USA that have been floating about recently. Well, you’re right. It’s called “the truth”. I write this as a person who has known the family in question for almost 8 years.

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