Paper Against Humanity

The Irony of an article in the Daily Mail today was just a little too much for me, and as my week has been fairly non eventful (seriously, the highlight of my week was replacing our toilet seat. It is now hot pink instead of fake pine.) I thought I would try fixing it for them.

All links to the mail are via a proxy site, but I cannot protect you from their views. Please click on links at your own risk. Alternatively, if you’re a firefox user, you may wish to download this handy add-on which replaces the Daily Mail with pictures of kittens.

Outrage over ‘vile’ newspaper that hates everybody

Billed as ‘a news magazine for horrible people’, it is the latest craze being read by reactionary bigots across the land.

The Daily Mail is a ‘newspaper’ in which ‘writers’ are encouraged to be as despicable and offensive as they possibly can.

Critics often slam editors who fail to admit their rampant hypocrisy.

The ‘newspaper’ mocks women, immigrants, LGBT people, anyone claiming benefits and disabled people. It also wrote mean things about reality TV star  Jade Goody  before she was dead and made financial settlements to the parents of missing youngster Madeleine McCann when sued for libel.

In the newspaper writers vie to get the greatest number of click throughs onto their website. It is the nature of the articles and accompanying ‘sidebar’  that make the newspaper so controversial.

The headlines are often questions, suggesting that the article that follows will contain a balanced article; however reading further can often reveal disturbingly biased views and emotive language.

One headline “NHS to give sex change drugs to nine-year-olds: Clinic accused of ‘playing God’ with treatment that stops puberty” and another says “Bad news for the 220-mile high club: Researchers find sex in space could lead to life-threatening illnesses“.

Other headlines include “Women ‘want rich husbands, not careers’: New survey claims drive for gender equality is a myth“, “Why putting on just half a stone will cause your husband’s eyes to start wandering” and “If the diversity squad don’t get you, then elf’n’safety will” or “Oh do be quiet, girls! (or if you really must talk endlessly, at least think of something interesting to say)” and “You don’t need a burka, just mad hair and a tatty tracksuit

The ‘journalist’ who creates the ‘funniest’ or most offensive article wins a point. Paraphrasing someone talking about something else, and deliberately misappropriating soundbites to mean something else gets double points. Ingrid Seward, editor of Majesty magazine, said ‘It’s in extreme bad taste. It’s not satire, it’s very unfunny whether you’re a monarchist or not.’

Over the years people have reported being reticent to make statements about the paper fearing further reprisal.  However, the creators remain unapologetic.  Paul Dacre never said ‘Ed Milliband’s Dad seemed fair game because it was historic, and he was a big old leftie.  When we were testing that story on some of our bigoted tory friends we never hit a raw nerve or got any complaints.’

The Daily Mail was at one point basically run by Nazis.

Robin Lustig pointed out that  “This year, the Mail reported that disabled people are exempt from the bedroom tax; that asylum-seekers had “targeted” Scotland; that disabled babies were being euthanised under the Liverpool Care Pathway; that a Kenyan asylum-seeker had committed murders in his home country; that 878,000 recipients of Employment Support Allowance had stopped claiming “rather than face a fresh medical”; that a Portsmouth primary school had denied pupils water on the hottest day of the year because it was Ramadan; that wolves would soon return to Britain; that nearly half the electricity produced by windfarms was discarded. All these reports were false.”

Approximately  a third of all complaints  received by the Press Complaints Commission are about the Daily Mail, but as Paul Dacre runs both no one really takes it seriously.

The editor Paul Dacre is  reportedly a millionaire.