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Saving Rhino – a horny dilemma



I’ve already told you about the amazing tea bag people I met on my trip to South Africa. The other tale I have to tell is less uplifting. It’s the opposite of uplifting (maybe downpulling?) and doesn’t have a terribly happy ending.

In Britain, our wildlife is pretty dull. I mean. There are some small wild horses dotted here and there and the odd antelope; foxes are pretty photogenic, and of course there’s badgers, who could probably fuck you up if you get too close.  Our only exposure to exciting animals is in Zoos, where the animals are relatively safe and easy to find. You follow the map to the Giraffe enclosure, and there they are.  This process is probably more exciting and full of mystery and suspense if, like me, you have the sense of direction of a paper aeroplane, but only marginally so. Continue Reading